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Who I Am and Why I Would Be An Awesome Fit

  • Where are you located?

Greetings from Hotlanta, GA. 

  • Why are you looking for a new position?

I just moved to Atlanta and realized traffic was insane. I wanted to keep my current work from home quality of life. I have a nice little office room with a view of the forest so I’m ready to get my desk in here and stay put. Plus, I am ready to put my freelance work to the side and work on growing my WordPress skills for bigger and better projects.

I miss being on a team and having a schedule. I feel confident that this environment would help me grow and enable me to learn more about service, sales, and growing a company. Plus, it would allow me to make time to grow my skills in web design on the side.

  • Can you summarize your remote work experience?
2+ years of taking initiative and working remotely. I have also traveled for work (photography).
  • What should we definitely look at in your resume/work experience?

Some examples of my customer service can be found herehere and hereicon-02

Plus, one of the companies I did on-going support for thinks I’m pretty awesome too.

  • What’s not on your resume/work experience but you think we should know?

I do powerlifting. So I like being strong, and taking care of myself. 🙂

  • Can you summarize your HTML/CSS/JavaScript knowledge?

HTML = Expert. CSS = Advanced. Javascript = Beginner.

  • Why do you think you’re a good fit for this role?

Providing world class customer service is my highest priority and something I currently practice every day with my freelance business. I live and breathe this stuff. My clients are more than clients, in fact 99% of my business is referral based. These are my friends. They know they can count on me and won’t have to settle for outsourcing help from a contractor they are unfamiliar with.

  • Anything else we should know about you?

I have applied before! 🙂

When I saw an opportunity posted by Skyverge today I jumped on the chance to apply again. I enjoyed our conversations last August and knew I would take up another shot if I saw it. Max Rice told me to keep an eye out for future customer support roles so here I am.

Selling things on WooCommerce and Shopify involves a lot of work as it is, so if you can not only make that easier but also provide A+ service, that rules.

It’s very obvious that the Skyverge team has an awesome approach to growing and providing a world class service that it would be an honor for myself to be involved with it. 

A Day In The Life

“I’m considering switching to Product Customizer. Does your app allow live image previews?”

Hey [customer name],

Unfortunately, we don’t offer live image previews in Product Customizer. Do you have any other questions about making the switch? Let me know and I would be happy to help.


Imagine you’ve just started your workday. You login and see a large number of emails from distraught customers. Clearly, something is happening. What steps do you take?

  1. Scan the subjects and see if there is a pattern.
  2. Read a couple emails to see if there is a pattern in the questions.
  3. Check dashboards that show any related data to this problem.
  4. Check when the app was last updated and if a push was done recently.
  5. Ask team for assistance.

We’d like to get an idea of how you explain concepts and processes. What was the last thing you purchased online? Tell us, step-by-step, how you went about searching, choosing, and completing your purchase.

I am currently taking a hand lettering class by an artist I really admire, Jon Contino. Our first assignment was to trace letters but there wasn’t a rule to what style alphabet we had to use. I found a particular style I wanted to trace but had no idea how to properly practice this.

  1. DM’d Jon himself and asked for suggestions.
  2. He linked me to Blick Studio for tracing paper so I added those items to my cart there, but the shipping would have taken two weeks.
  3. Searched Amazon to see if they had the same exact brand since I am a Prime member, and of course, they did!
  4. Added the items to my cart and purchased. Delivered in two days.

Thank you for the opportunity to apply, Skyverge crew! I had fun with this.